iPhone 6 Gold Plated
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SilasGold, a well established company, has many years of experience in the Electroplating industry, and provides a high quality plating service to wholesale and retail clients throughout the UK. We Specialise in plating in 24ct Gold, Crystals and Diamond Embellishment and other Luxury products. We are situated in Uxbridge, London.
 Providing clients with an exceptional service throughout the UK and worldwide, SilasGold provides individuals and businesses with a high quality, professional electroplating service. Specialising in plating iPhone 5 in 24ct Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold and Crystalization, with a Laser engraving service to personalise your items just the way you want. With the latest technologies and experienced specialist staff, the service is designed to impress and leave a long lasting finish.

The gold plating and crystallisation service provides a unique way of adding luxury to your iPhone 5. Other services provided are gold plating any metal items and some plastics including jewellery, car emblems/parts, phone covers, bathroom taps etc. An in-house service is also provided, and is available 7 days a week.
If you would like to have an item plated or would like any information about our products and services, please feel free to drop us a message and we will do our best to assist you.

iPhone 5 Gold

Having the latest mobile phone has for many years been the ultimate statement of luxury and fashion. iPhone 5 gold plating from Silas Gold is the ultimate way to announce your style and impeccable taste to the world and leave your friends gasping for breath and cursing the plain appearance of their handset.

At Silas Gold, we perform the plating safely and use the highest standards electroplating, which is the ideal way of adding value and timeless appeal to your iPhone. We do the plating in 24ct Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum with Diamond and Crystal embellishments.

We further offer to personalise the iPhone 5 gold range with inscriptions as per client’s need using the latest laser engraving technology. With our excellent service and outstanding unique collection, we guarantee to take style and reputation of luxury mobile phones to the next level.

Luxury iPhone

The vast variety of features, apps and abilities that an iPhone bring to any user make it easy to explain and understand their appeal. But it is the appearance of the phone that makes it unique.

At Silas Gold, we personalise your iPhone with 24ct Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold and use Crystal and Diamond embellishments to turn it into a luxury iPhone. With the latest technology and expert staff, we ensure that the plating would not affect the operation of your iPhone in any way.

To know more about our services and products, you can simply drop us a mail or call us directly, and we would assist you to our best ability. You can further take advantage of our in-house service, which is available 7 days a week. So if you wish to transform your iPhone into a stunning luxury iPhone come to us, and we would do our best to satisfy you.

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